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Trying to quit the smokes or vaping can feel hard. We know lots of mob try many times before they quit for good. Having the support of mob around you can make all the difference! Read the article below if you want to support a loved one through their quitting journey.

Quitting is a journey… walk in their shoes

Most mob who smoke or vape want to stop, but the journey to quit can be a long and winding path. It can take a few attempts before quitting for good. Every attempt is a step in the right direction. It's easier for your loved one to keep going along their quit journey if:

  • you are patient
  • you listen without judgement
  • you let your loved one decide the support they need.

Remember: mob trying to quit benefit most from support that is positive and non-judgmental.

Practice makes perfect... cheer them on!

Quitting can take practice. Every attempt is an opportunity to learn and develop the skills needed to quit for good. Each try can help your loved one better prepare for the next step. Every try counts. Your loved one will have the best chance of quitting smoking for good if:

  • you recognise slip-ups are normal
  • you give your loved one time and encouragement to strengthen their quitting skills.

Remember: friends and family can add pressure that makes quitting harder. For your loved one, it can be much easier knowing family and friends will cheer them on no matter how long it takes to quit.

Your understanding and care can make a big difference

The best relationships are those where we can share and be open with one another. But for people trying to quit, it can be hard to talk about the ups and downs.

Many people don't talk about their quit attempts, or keep them secret, because they worry they will disappoint their mob if they have a slip-up or start smoking or vaping again.

The best thing friends and family can do is make sure their loved one feels comfortable yarning to them. Ask them open questions and be gently curious about how they are going. This way you can help them feel supported without making them feel pressured.

Remember: unconditional and positive support is the best way to show your loved one they can lean on you when things get tough.

How AQL can help

At AQL we empower and support Aboriginal people to quit smoking or vaping. We also offer advice to family and friends who are supporting a loved one to quit. Our support is non-judgemental. Culture is at the centre of everything we do. We bring our ways and traditions of yarning into the counselling we provide.

We are a Culturally safe service for mob, by mob. Meet our Aboriginal Quitline counsellors and learn more about how to get in touch.

AQL Counsellors Jamara Maza and Erica

We provide Culturally safe support for mob who want to quit smoking or vaping.

Meet the counsellors

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