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Through our free telephone counselling and support service, we empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to quit smoking or vaping and be strong in health and wellbeing. We can also support you if you’re using e-cigarettes to stop smoking. 

AQL is for mob, by mob. Culture is at the centre of everything we do, bringing our traditional ways of yarning into the counselling. We are a safe space for members of the LGBTIQ+ community.

We help by:

  • yarning with you and listening to you
  • helping you make a tailored quit plan 
  • offering advice on how to tackle cravings and withdrawals  
  • supporting you to keep up your motivation to quit and stay quit  
  • working with your doctor, Aboriginal Health Worker or TIS worker to make sure you’re getting all the support and care you need throughout your quit journey
  • offering advice on how to support your loved ones to quit.

How does AQL work?

When someone gets support from AQL, they work with the same counsellor the whole way through their quitting journey. Our counsellors are Erica, Jamara , Syl and Luis - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People who are committed to helping our mob quit smoking or vaping.

Erica AQL counsellor

Hi my name is Erica and I’m a proud Wongatha, Mirning, Ngadju woman from WA. Since finishing my university studies in the health field I’ve been working with AQL to help our mob stop smoking and vaping. I love my role and am passionate about helping our people get healthy and make positive changes to prevent disease.”

Erica, AQL counsellor

Meet all our AQL counsellors

We respect Men’s and Women’s Business.

There’s no pressure to do anything you’re not ready to do. We work with you to help empower and support you in the way you want to quit.

We also offer what’s known as the Circle of Care. The Circle of Care means we can work together with your doctor or your local Aboriginal Health worker or TIS worker to ensure the best possible outcome for you throughout your quit journey.

AQL Circle of Care Illustration

How to contact AQL

There are many ways you can get connected with AQL:

  1. Call 13 7848 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, and ask to speak with an AQL counsellor
  2. Fill out the online Request a callback form and an AQL counsellor will call you back
  3. Speak with your doctor or Aboriginal Health Worker and ask for a referral
  4. Speak with your local Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) member and ask for a referral.

See more ways to connect with AQL

Quitting questions

What if I don’t want to yarn on the phone? 

AQL have other options for you to be able to get support on quitting:

  • Webchat is a live chat option. Click the webchat icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and write that you’d like to contact an AQL counsellor.
  • Facebook Messenger. Send us a message via our Facebook page and an AQL counsellor will get in touch.

See more ways to connect with AQL

AQL counsellors sometimes ask me to yarn about my personal life? Why is that?

Our Culture and traditions are based on storytelling and yarning. You can share as much or as little as you like about your story. We’re here to listen and provide the best support we can. We’ll need to ask for your personal details so we can contact you for follow-up calls. All the information you give us is confidential.

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