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Ways to contact AQL counsellors

AQL is a free telephone-based counselling service that empowers mob to quit smoking or vaping. We can also help you if you’re using vapes to quit the smokes.

Our counsellors are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are passionate about helping mob be strong and healthy. Culture is at centre of everything we do. We bring our traditional ways of yarning into the counselling.

There are many ways you can connected with AQL counsellors!

Contact AQL directly:

Call Aboriginal Quitline 13 7848

Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, and ask to speak with an AQL counsellor (free service, just the usual cost of a call from your phone)

Please let us team know if you require an Aboriginal interpreter and we will be happy to organise.

Request a callback

Fill out our online form and an AQL counsellor will call you back

Request a callback

Social channels

Message us on Facebook

Chat to us online

Use webchat on this site and let us know you’d like to chat with an AQL counsellor.

AQL and TIS workers

Get a referral to AQL

If you don’t want to contact us directly, speak with your doctor, Aboriginal Health Worker or TIS worker and ask for a referral. They’ll get in touch with us, and we’ll get in touch with you!

Learn more about how AQL can help

Meet our AQL counsellors

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